Who are we?

            The firm started its operation on January 1996 primarily engaged in the business of buying, selling, bonds and other securities. The firm focuses mostly on retail transactions of individual customers.

With over twenty years of presence in industry, Eagle Equities, Inc. has become one of the major players in the Philippine financial markets and the company established its full compliance with SEC, PSE, and CMIC rules. The firm was also able to provide efficient services to satisfied clientele list.

The firm’s current President is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Philippine Stock Exchange. He has been a member of many Exchange Committees including Computerization; Ethics; and Listings. As chairman of the Listing Committee, he paved the way for the simultaneous listing of MANULIFE and SUNLIFE Insurance companies in New York, Canada, Hongkong, and in the Philippines. Major changes in listing and disclosure rules were instituted to ensure better governance and greater transparency in listed companies to protect all shareholders. He is a well regarded Stock Analyst and is constantly called upon by foreign and local news reporters and television to share his insights on the markets.

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